Counselling for students and procedures for handling enquiries and complaints.

  • Social Safety and Ombudsperson

    The Dean's Directive No. 1/2022 (Social Safety) establishes the guidelines for ensuring social safety, which is supervised by the ombudsperson. The ombudsperson is an independent individual who facilitates dialogue and provides confidential support to students and staff, primarily regarding ethics, workplace culture, and prevention of abuse of authority.

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  • Jobs and Opportunities

    Daily overview of job offers and opportunities in the arts and creative industry on the Culturenet portal (in Czech only).


  • Fees Associated with Studies

    The obligation (by law) to pay the tuition fee arises for a student whose total study period exceeds the standard study period of the current study programme by more than 1 year.

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  • Recognised Parental Leave

    Do you need to adjust your studies due to child care?

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  • BUT Alfons Counselling Centre

    The BUT Alfons Counselling Centre is designed for all university students. It serves as support in finding solutions to their adverse or challenging life situations. Students are provided information about their rights and obligations, services from the public and non-profit sectors that can help them effectively secure their legitimate needs. Information on possible scholarships, maintenance, employment contracts, social benefits, including legal advice. All free of charge, impartially, and discreetly.

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  • Topic of Sexual Harassment

    Have you encountered inappropriate sexual behaviour as a victim or witness and are unsure how to deal with the situation? Read a few recommendations on how you can proceed, including contacts you can turn to. Sexual harassment is a very serious form of inappropriate behaviour and is not tolerated at the faculty.

    Students can also get basic information as part of a practical interactive workshop, which the faculty introduced as a mandatory course from the academic year 2021/2022.

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  • Therapy Tips

    Social Clinic: Crisis intervention here. Non-therapeutic, sharing space:

    The website is professionally overseen by the National Mental Health Institute of the Czech Republic in collaboration with other national and international organisations.

    In emergency cases, contact the Outpatient Department of the Psychiatric Clinic FN Brno or the Psychiatric Hospital Brno.

    Directory for searching experts.
    List of therapists.
    Overview of online counseling.
    List of trust lines and crisis centres.
    Contacts on the topic of sexual harassment.

    Further options for psychological services in the Czech Republic are combined in the Nevypusť duši project.

  • FFA ShareCare

    Manifestation of care, students for themselves (currently in hibernation).

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  • FFA Disciplinary Rules and Disciplinary Committee

    Disciplinary offenses of students (such as cheating, violating regulations, destroying faculty property, aggressive behaviour towards employees and students, using addictive substances on the faculty premises) and their possible punishment are defined in provisions § 64–67 of the Higher Education Act. The faculty has its own disciplinary rules, which regulates the conditions of the disciplinary process. Proposals are discussed by the faculty's disciplinary committee, composed of academic staff and student representatives from all levels of study.

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  • BUT Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee

    The BUT Ethics Committee is established by the Rector for the purpose of reviewing complaints regarding compliance with the BUT Code of Conduct and offences against it. A member of this advisory body may be appointed by an academic or other employee of the BUT who is generally trusted in the academic community for his/her moral qualities and relationship to colleagues and the BUT as a whole.

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  • FFA Working Group for Collaboration with Konsent

    In March 2021, the faculty management entered into communication with the Konsent organisation to help the faculty set up mechanisms that would prevent problematic phenomena specific to artistic education. A 12-member group was established for collaboration, consisting of faculty management representatives, the senate, and students. Further information can be found, for example, in the meeting minutes of the academic senate or from the group's coordinator. Educational activities are also carried out in collaboration with the Gender Information Centre Nora.


  • Increased Access to Psychosocial Support

    As part of the mental health care programme, you can get a contribution of up to 5,000 CZK from VZP (the Czech General Health Insurance Company) to increase the availability of psychosocial support with a selected therapist. To receive the contribution, you need to choose a therapist from their provided list.

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  • Topic of Discrimination in the Academic Environment

    Record of a lecture for the FFA academic community titled Discrimination in the Academic Environment and How to Prevent It by Anna Katerina Vintrová from the Czech Public Defender of Rights Office, including accompanying materials.

    The issue of age discrimination and intergenerational relations was addressed by a lecture by Lucie Vidovićová from the MUNI Faculty of Social Studies.

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  • Topic of Copyright

    Clear information on the topic of copyright, employee work, school work, definition of artistic performance, etc.

    Overview of the six basic Creative Commons licenses and the terms they contain.
    Copyright Act (Act No. 121/2000 Coll.).
    A broader interpretation of copyright from sites dedicated to intellectual property.

    Series of seminars on the legal aspects of a freelance artist.

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  • Scholarship Support

    Overview of scholarship programmes in support of students.

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Student representatives in the faculty and university bodies.

Representatives of students in the FFA Academic Senate Radka Škodová, Jakub Polách, Martin Žák, Petr Mucha
Representative of students in the BUT Academic Senate Martin Žák
Representatives of students in the Disciplinary Committee Miroslav Maixner, Tereza Lichá, Jakub Tajovský
Representative of students in the Fine Art and Design English Programme Board Michal Kučerák
Representative of students in the Fine Arts Czech Programmes Board Marie Zandálková
Representative of students in the Fine Arts and Design Czech Programmes Board Jakub Polách
Representative of students in the Dean's Advisory Board Martin Žák
Representatives of students and alumni in the Gallery Advisory Board Judita Levitnerová, Jozef Mrva, Tomáš Plachký

Responsibility: doc. MgA. Filip Cenek