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For documentation and other quality management, universities in the Czech Republic use the national databases of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter referred to as MEYS), such as the Information Register of R&D Results (hereinafter referred to as RIV), and the Register of Artistic Outputs (hereinafter referred to as RUV). These are registers that collect data on creative scientific research and the artistic research of employees and students. Their assessment takes into account not only the quantity but also the quality of these outputs.

Register of Artistic Outputs (RUV)

RUV is a register of artistic outputs, which serves as a storage of information about artistic works produced within the framework of creative activities of all universities in the Czech Republic. It is similar to the RIV registry that serves as a platform for science and research. RUV was created to try to rehabilitate and reinforce the role of art in relation with research, as this is often misplaced. Certified artistic output will receive certain points. Based on the obtained RUV points, the faculty/university will receive funding (part of the faculty/university budget). Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology (FFA BUT / FaVU VUT) does offer only studies in the field of art and all study courses and programmes are artistically oriented, so we assume that all of our teachers and students are performing artistic activities. If you feel that your activity is suitable for reporting in the register, contact our RUV coordinator.

RUV Basic Procedural Structure

  1. the work of art or design has to be published (unrealized works are also counted, eg works published in competitions)
  2. FFA student/academic worker will register the work/performance in the RUV application
  3. the work/performance entered in the register is evaluated (by randomly selected qualified certifiers)
  4. the work/performance is certified and awarded a certain number of RUV points by the RUV committee 

RUV Segments

  1. Architecture (architectural design, exhibition design etc.)
  2. Audio-vision (directing, screenplay, main production, camera, editing, design, soundtrack, etc.)
  3. Design (graphic design, product and industrial design, fashion, textiles, jewellery, glass, porcelain, ceramics, realized design, exposed design, etc.)
  4. Music (interpretation, composition, concert, solo performance, etc.)
  5. Scenic Arts (drama, puppet theatre, opera, screenplays, drama, dance and movement theatre, etc.)
  6. Literature (novel, translations of works of art, memoirs, essays, poems, novels, short stories, etc.)
  7. Fine Arts (installation of artwork, exhibition, restoration, etc.)

FFA Artistic Outputs

See: https://bit.ly/3oYFL5V

Information Register of R&D Results (RIV)

RIV is a subsystem (part) of the Czech R&D Information System (an information system of the public administration for a collection, processing, publication and utilization of an information about the research and development, which has been supported by public budgets). The aim, content, rights, responsibilities and the way how the data have been given into the R&D Information System, the integration of the data into the Information System database, the processing of the data and the way of data publication are determined by the R&D Act [Code number 130/2002] together with the regulation of the Czech government [Code number 397/2009] about the R&D Information System, by some other rules and by the Standard operating procedure manual of the R&D Information System.

  1. Definitions of Types of Results
  2. Methodology for Evaluating Research Organisations and R&D&I Purpose-tied Aid Programmes (2017+)

Reporting and Transmission of Results

The Brno University of Technology runs central reporting and transmission of results to the RIV across the Apollo system. It is very important to report all your publication results to this system. For detailed instructions for inserting the result into the Apollo system, please contact our project manager. For technical support and control of records in the database in Apollo is responsible Tomáš Panáček (apollo@vutbr.cz), you can also contact our system integrator

FFA Research & Development Results

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