• Accommodation Scholarship

    Apply for a scholarship to cover part of your expenses for accommodation.

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  • Mobility Scholarship

    Students have the opportunity to apply for open calls supporting their study (or work) exchange stays. More information can be obtained from the FFA International Office or on the university's (BUT) website.

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  • Social Scholarship

    We offer students who are legally entitled to child benefit the opportunity to receive a social scholarship.

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  • Rector's Social Scholarship

    If you find yourself in a difficult life situation due to a sudden change in your life or your family's life, you can apply for a Rector's social scholarship.

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  • Dean's Scholarship for Students in a Difficult Life Situation

    Do you fail to qualify for the Rector's social scholarship or social scholarship? Try applying directly to the faculty.

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  • Doctoral Scholarship

    Dean's Directive, which regulates the rules of payment and the amount of the regular doctoral scholarship at the faculty.

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  • Current Amount of Accommodation Scholarship

    The amount of the accommodation grant is announced retrospectively each quarter by the BUT Rector in the form of an addendum to the Rector's Directive.

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  • Merit Scholarship

    Conditions for awarding a merit scholarship to bachelor's and master's students.

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  • Support for Master's Thesis Implementation

    Students who have submitted electronic documentation of their master's thesis to the BUT Information System within the standard study period in the given academic year are awarded a one-time scholarship (amount determined by the dean). In addition to this support, students can apply for a creative grant for the practical part of the thesis, up to a maximum of 20,000 CZK. The application for support and the eligibility of the final work documentation are assessed by a committee appointed by the dean.

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  • Dean's Award for Diploma and Bachelor's Work

    Based on the recommendations of the state final examination committee, each year the dean selects several noteworthy final works from each level of study. Their authors are awarded the Dean's Award. In addition to a scholarship of 10,000 CZK, the laureates also receive a tangible award, which is conceptually prepared and implemented by selected students from the Design field. The awards are presented during graduation ceremonies. Since 2021, the Dean's Award for a diploma thesis also includes a residency at the Nová Perla Art Centre. The tradition of the Dean's Award is not understood by the current faculty leadership in the spirit of encouraging competition among students, but rather as an extension of financial support for students (an area the faculty leadership has focused on in recent years).

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  • Support for Artistic Activities of Students (BcA./MgA.)

    Internal scholarship support competition designated for the implementation of artistic and creative activities of bachelor's and master's programme students. The competition is announced once a year (in March) and is intended to support student projects implemented by November of the respective year. The maximum contribution for a single project is 20,000 CZK. Applications based on the provided form are assessed by a committee appointed by the dean.

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  • Support for Doctoral Students from Specific University Research Funds

    Doctoral programme students have the opportunity to apply for the competition for (faculty) junior and inter-faculty junior projects, supported by specific university research funds. Specific university research refers primarily to research carried out by students of accredited doctoral (and master's) programmes. The competition is annually announced at the turn of the calendar year.

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  • Support for Artistic Activities of Doctoral Students

    Doctoral programme students have the opportunity to apply for a competition to support artistic activities with results recorded in the Artistic Outputs Register (RUV). The competition is announced (since 2019) once a year (spring).

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  • Support for  Curatorial Activities of Students

    Students have the opportunity to apply for a competition to support their curatorial activities, organising exhibitions and festivals, showcasing studios at contemporary art and design reviews, creating platforms, and so on. The competition is announced (since 2019) once a year (spring).

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  • Artwork Loan Scholarship

    Since 2020, the faculty has offered students the opportunity to lease their artworks, for instance, at the Artotéka of the Moravian Gallery in Brno or within the faculty and parts of BUT.

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Responsibility: doc. MgA. Filip Cenek