Photography Studio


The Photography Studio is the youngest one at the FFA; its form and pedagogical concept is still being formed both by the tutors and the students. “The Future” is the buzzword in the studio. In our study and teaching process, we try to answer the following questions: what should photography accomplish? Should it be an artistic medium like painting, for instance, or should it be a purely aesthetic medium, like it was during the modernist era? Should photography be used as a tool for speculation about the meaning of art, like it was during the postmodern era? Or should it be purely accidental, without any deliberate artistic intention?


Study Programme
Fine Arts

Studio Practice Tutors
MgA. Ivars Gravlejs, Ph.D.
Mgr. Tomáš Javůrek, Ph.D.




Responsibility: MgA. Ivars Gravlejs, Ph.D.