Painting Studio 2


The Paintng Studio 2 is designed for those students who want to be artists, want to learn something about themselves, and who are dedicated to this pursuit. Establishing a functional platform for communication and study is the priority task for an art school. The priority goal of the teacher, in turn, is the formation of a self-confident, educated person who surpasses the qualities of the teacher. Becoming an artist follows. Making art is a way of perceiving the world, regardless of the artistic medium. During the long development of artistic disciplines, people have devised a great many techniques through which the existing world can be transferred into an artificial likeness of a flat image. It thus seems only appropriate to freely employ the entirety of this wide scale of techniques, and not limit students in their open-mindedness. They must be encouraged to use both classical artistic methods and means as well as new technologies, such as software, mobile phones, or cameras, the output of which are 2D nevertheless images. Finding unique means and forms to describe the surrounding world, one’s place and position in the art world represents the core aim of the studies.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
Assoc. Prof. MgA. Luděk Rathouský 
MgA. Ondřej Homola




Responsibility: doc. MgA. Luděk Rathouský