Game Media Studio


At present, the studio is geared towards the digital reality of computer games, which represents an attractive tool of communication within and outside contemporary art and culture. The studio holds a natural respect towards traditional media and draws upon them. It employs both traditional and experimental approaches and aims for a synthesis which will result in creating bridges between seemingly incompatible media. Working with traditional painting, photography, illustration, and models are completely understandable in this context. The medium of digital games is still open, fresh, legitimate. The studio thus has gained the freedom to be spiritually resistant towards formal narratives of the artistic scene. It draws upon the strong relationship between digital games, film, and animation, all of which represent a wide field for creativity and research. The studio believes in authorship. It venerates dialogue, personal stories, and creative intentions of students. Story, drama, and narrative shortcut is an integral part of our work. Creative writing is also seen as essential. We feel that the greatest problem of contemporary art is the reflection of art and the fact that in most cases art only represents itself. The studio cooperates with the Department of Game Studies at the Masaryk University, with Press-Start, independent developers, artists, and technological optimists.


Study Programme
Fine Art and Design
Studio Practice Tutors
MgA. Vojtěch Vaněk
MgA. Tomáš Hrůza




Responsibility: MgA. Vojtěch Vaněk