Graphic Design Studio 2


In this studio, instructors encourage students to find their own methods of working for themselves. The borders between contemporary art disciplines are hazy, and because of this, the studio concentrates on showing students how to understand the role of graphic designers today. However, the purpose is not to offer students a clear-cut instruction manual. Situations emerge through day-long or long-term assignments in which students will be analyzing issues, taking positions, and finding solutions. In this process, studio heads serve as moderators rather than teachers. Within the scope of studio instruction, students have the opportunity to work both with Czech and international mentors. A crucial part of students’ education concerns a study exchange at an institution with a good reputation and spending time as interns in graphic studios. To sum it up, educating critically thinking graduates who are ready to share their obsession with their work with others is the studio’s core ambition.


Study Programme
Studio Practice Tutors
M.Sc. Denisa Kollarová
MgA. Jozef Ondrík
Mgr. Šárka Svobodová, Ph.D.




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Responsibility: M.Sc. Denisa Kollarová