Body Design Studio


The studio focuses on the reflections and presentations of human body, that is, your body as well. Body design takes the human body as the starting position of its projects. We can focus on an individual body, on interactions between several bodies, on the communal living of many bodies… and the spectrum of topics for artistic handling will range across formal, aesthetic, conceptual, social, ethical, religious, and political issues. When teaching body design, we strive to orient the trajectory from the micro-cosmos of one’s own body towards the macro-cosmos of the social body. The transitory position between fine art and the humanities is typical for body design. It is inspired by psychology, gender studies, media studies, post-colonial studies, environmental disciplines, and special education. We understand the role of the body designer in society as that of someone who listens, analyzes, navigates, creates, cooperates, and is engaged in activism.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
Prof. Mgr. A. Lenka Klodová, Ph.D.
MgA. Karolina Raimund




Responsibility: prof. Mgr. A. Lenka Klodová, Ph.D.