Intermedia Studio


This studio is a mental and physical space enabling students to create, discuss, and share their work with their classmates, teachers, and guests. No particular medium is typical for the studio. The variety of creative approaches makes the studio work on a different principle than that of the "Master Class": students must justify the chosen medium and seek specialist tutors outside the studio if necessary. The studio represents the space for unhappiness with the conventional form of art production, with taken-for-granted received ideas, aesthetic positions, and with experimenting for experimenting sake and jumping between media out of lack of conceptions. Students are expected to participate in the greatest possible degree on group methodical exercises and programs aiming at the development of critical thinking and facilitating orientation in the murky terrains of contemporary society, science, and art.

The Intermedia Studio problematizes the dichotomic understanding of the categories of theory–practice, science–art or art–politics. We aim at moving between them and thus destabilizing them. We negotiate anew among each other and in the society the definitions of who is an artist, of what is art. We do not live in a world detached from politics, economy, and the material world. Our art is not created in isolation. Being an art student does not mean looking up to art institutions, art markets, or the art world because it is ourselves who create the institutions, the markets, or their alternatives in this very moment.

Today, an artist is neither a central nor an isolated figure in the contemporary art world. The artist creates it together with curators, theoreticians, exhibition architects, technical staff, designers, and DJs — sometimes these positions are combined in one person or in a collective. The aim of the studio is not only to educate successful artists (according to what criteria is success measured, anyway?) but to encourage them to discover a fulfilling and meaningful position within the field of art and culture.


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Fine Arts

Studio Practice TutorsMgA. Valentýna Janů
MgA. Jonáš Strouhal


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