Performance Studio


The performance is trans, across, through, a possibility of experiences shared as emotional, intense; always crossing borders, always offering its own redefinition or preferably seeking for non definition. By its biases to avoid any hard framing and determination, performance is here to complexify and question. Bridges between video, video performed, recorded, post-produced are constantly questioning the notion of archive, transforming it, prolonging the performance, or making it exist. The plasticity is touching all the temporalities of presentation and representation.

The relation between male, female and others, the relation to the "Other" – considered as "minority" –, the economical and racial questions in the Czech Republic in regard to the world, the eastern-western feelings will be essential questions raised in our studio.

We care about our surroundings, we care about the conditions of working, we care about the economy of each, we care about difficulties. We won't supply family, but we are seeking to create a group of people listening and trying to understand each other, seeking to use art as a tool to understand, analyse, digest and transform.



Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
Julie Bena
Jakub Jansa




Responsibility: Julie Bena