Performance Studio


The art of performance constitutes the most suggestive medium of contemporary art, being directly historically aligned with happenings, events, and activism – the characteristic trait of contemporary visual art stressing the creative act in a time-space situation, in real time, in a physical environment or in virtual space. It is the starting point of contemporary post-media approaches connecting theatre, dance, music, literature; it integrates new imaging media, communication technologies, and social networks in a new environment. The art of performance focuses on the essence of the creative act. It permeates all forms of contemporary artistic expression. Contemporary performativity can be voiced through any media, from events of individual awareness to corporeality to new technologies, towards social interactions and environmental activism. The free art of the event encompasses a wide spectrum of live work with information, it deals with the art of interaction, medialization and presentation; it includes the whole potential of the artistic personality and works with imagination through multimedia technologies and digital representation.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Head 
Prof. akad. soch. Tomáš Ruller
Studio Assistant
MgA. Jennifer Helia De Felice, Ph.D.

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Responsibility: prof. akad. soch. Tomáš Ruller