Selected areas of the faculty's collaboration with the public and private sectors.

  • Student Work Placements / Contractual Provision of Professional Internships 

    FFA students are engaged during their studies in a number of creative sectors and undertake internships at exhibition institutions such as Brno House of Arts, Moravian Gallery in Brno, TIC Gallery, Display Gallery and others.

    The Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology has concluded dozens of contracts for the provision of professional internships for students in the Design program (game, graphic, product) with leading players in the creative industry, such as Bohemia Interactive, 2K Czech Ltd. (Illusion Softworks), Ingame Studio plc., Archive of Czech and Slovak Games, Noxgames Ltd., Ashborne Games Ltd., Brocap Studio Ltd., Lifelique Czech Ltd., Three Dragons Ltd., Open Studios etc. The faculty is also a member of the Brno Game Cluster.

  • Collaboration with Cultural Institutions

    The Faculty of Fine Arts has long-term collaborations with numerous cultural institutions in the city of Brno, especially exhibition institutions such as Brno House of Arts, Moravian Gallery in Brno, TIC Gallery, Strom Art Gallery, Fajt Gallery. Our students are involved in the activities of several independent galleries, for instance, Tvar Gallery, Monomach, OFF/Format, Umakart Gallery, Above-door Gallery, Industria Gallery. Together with the BUT rectorate, we also promote the faculty at national educational fairs (Gaudeamus). The faculty also participates in Museum Night, Brno Art Week and other activities that raise awareness of the FFA BUT and its educational and research activities. In 2020, the faculty also concluded a cooperation agreement with the Vasulka Kitchen Brno New Media Centre.

  • International Cooperation

    The faculty collaborates with more than 50 schools within classic reciprocal student and academic mobility. Besides study mobilities, the faculty also collaborates with several schools on joint exhibitions. With the School of Visual Arts in New York, the faculty started a cooperation in 2012 and since 2013, within the Sculpture Studio, there have been exchange exhibitions of students and teachers alternately in New York and the Czech Republic. The Sculpture Studio is also deepening its cooperation with the Faculty of Visual Arts and Music in Pécs, Hungary. Short group (studio) stays, exhibitions, and exchange workshops have also taken place, for example, in Israel at the Bezalel Academy of Arts, at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design University of Leeds, and currently a collaboration is starting with the University of Brighton. FFA BUT also organises reciprocal artistic residencies with the Stuttgart branch of the German art association Gedok, with the support of the City of Brno and the Brno House of Arts. In 2014, there were also exchange exhibitions between FFA BUT and the Stuttgart gallery Oberwelt. Last year, cooperation also took place at the Leipzig design and art exhibition Designers Open, where Studio of Graphic Design 2 was presented. Furthermore, the faculty collaborates with the Banská Stanica art residency centre in Banská Štiavnica, where students participate in workshops. Since 2017, the Video Studio has been cooperating on student exchanges with Cooper Union in New York.

  • Inter-University Cooperation

    The faculty has long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in sharing selected specialised subjects (courses) and organising joint activities (workshops, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, operas, and theatre productions). The cooperation also extends to other faculties of Brno University of Technology, especially the Faculty of Architecture, with which there are joint studios, seminars, and workshops. The cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology also concerns projects connecting art and information technology, such as digital game development, digital animation, and 3D modelling.

  • Contract Research Projects and Collaboration with the Applied Sector

    Since 2020, the faculty has entered into framework agreements for collaboration with entities such as the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute and the Czech National Heritage Institute. The faculty's activities also contribute to, for example, the visual identities of the surrounding cities and the operations of the Brno Game Cluster.

  • Loans of Student Works

    The faculty offers the possibility of loaning the artistic works of its students to other BUT spaces. Through this initiative, we aim to contribute to the aesthetic enhancement and cultivation of the university's working and representational spaces, thereby improving the working environment for our colleagues. For our students, these loans provide an opportunity to present their works and gain practical experience. More information here.

  • FFA Books for Ukraine

    Support Ukrainian students at FFA and receive books published by FFA or in co-edition in return. Pay using the QR code on BUT's transparent account and collect the books at the faculty library. More information here.


Responsibility: doc. MgA. Filip Cenek