Painting Studio 3


The Painting Studio 3 is based on proven experience gained in teaching painting in an academic environment, while at the same time reflecting contemporary thinking and remaining open to the multiplicity and permeability of forms and media. Our teaching method is based on an individual approach to each student. We aim to discern where the strength of each student’s artistic expression lies and to try to develop and explore this strength with them, to expand this strength, and to proceed in a direction that brings convincing or promising results. We expect students to be creative trying to motivate them with our recommendations as well as by assigning them specific topics to work on. Students are encouraged to understand connections between their work and current events in their immediate surroundings. The range of mental and physical tools needed for painting is constantly growing and all of them must be ready for use. It may seem difficult to find a way to one’s own impressive and unseen images among this multiplicity. We believe that this is possible, as in times past, through an informed dialogue between the inner world of the artist and the reality that surrounds them. In the Painting Studio 3 we help to develop this dialogue.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
MgA. Patricie Fexová, Ph.D.
MgA. Veronika Vlková




Responsibility: MgA. Patricie Fexová, Ph.D.