Product Design Studio


This studio creates an environment and tools for life. The studio stands between design and architecture. It functions as a bridge over which students can move freely and combine approaches typical for both of the aforementioned disciplines. They work both in large and small scales, focusing on details and looking at broader contexts as well. They design products, interiors, parts of public space, and small-scale architecture. The studio does not provide instruction manuals. It provides examples and sets challenges. It encourages students to think and confront conventional principles through dialogue. Instructors support personal approaches, freedom, and responsibility. They create a space in which everyone cultivates their own set of conceptual tools which enable them to understand, analyze, and elaborate on a given problem. Context is therefore essential. As a studio, one goal is be informed, think globally, and check theory through practice. An interdisciplinary approach is an indispensable source of inspiration and future professional relationships.


Study Programme
Studio Practice Tutors
MgA. Ondřej Tobola
MgA. Jan Mikoška




Responsibility: MgA. Ondřej Tobola