Environment Studio


This studio focuses on the relationship between an artwork and its environment – the context in which it comes into being. The studio is one of the intermedia and interdisciplinary studios at the FFA. We emphasize the relationship between art and environment. We perceive “the environment” in a wide sense – as something that surrounds us and what we share. We stress the fact that art is not created in vacuum but on the contrary, is in a certain spatial, social, political, and cultural context. We focus our attention to a broad scale of individual perspectives, approaches, and media. We are open both to intuitive and conceptual work. Rather than classical disciplines, it is the tradition of conceptualism, land-art, and site-specific work that is our point of reference. However, this does not mean that our students do not paint, draw, or make photographs. On the contrary: the choice of medium in this studio is based on a given problem and individual inclinations rather than the givens of the field. Critical reading of texts related to the studio program and to the students’ individual work is an essential part of the studies.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
Assoc. Prof. MgA. Barbora Klímová, ArtD.
MgA. Jiří Skála, Ph.D.




Responsibility: doc. MgA. Barbora Klímová, ArtD.