Degree Studies in English

This is for Full Degree studies only. For (Erasmus) incoming mobility visit  Short-term study in English
The Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology (FFA BUT) provides education in fine art and design in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Potential candidates (excerpt postgrads) have to apply to a specific studio; however, during the course of their studies, they can spend one or even several semesters in any different studio at the FFA or at FFA’s partner schools, both in the Czech Republic or abroad. Apart from practical courses, students also have to enroll in general courses taught by the Department of Art History and Theory, Department of Audiovisual Technology, Department of 3D Technology, Department of Traditional Media and the Department of Information Technology. FFA teachers are notable artists and theoreticians active in the contemporary art scene. Studio heads and assistants base their teaching methods on their own artistic experience. Thanks to cooperation with art galleries and to the curatorial and organizational practices of academics, alumni, and current students, the FFA offers numerous occasions for exhibitions and public presentations of students’ work. The FFA also provides financial support for students’ projects through annual internal grant competitions. FFA staff, students and graduates FFA have gained reputation both in the Czech and international art and design scene. Lecturers at the Department of Art History and Theory are recognized Czech curators, art and architecture historians and theorists. Although some studios are more skills-oriented, the FFA cherishes a conceptual and contextual approach to art making.

Responsibility: doc. Mgr. Jan Zálešák, Ph.D.