Services offered by the faculty to the public.

  • Premises Rental

    Within the FFA BUT campus at Údolní 53, it is possible to rent lecture rooms and historic school hall in the U5 building for short-term use. Short-term rentals of shared faculty spaces are managed by the faculty bursar Martina Pěnčíková.


  • 3D Studio Services

    Under the administration of the Department of 3D Technology operates a 3D studio, an excellent facility delivering technologically demanding tasks in the field of 3D printing, 3D scanning and digitisation, 3D modelling, and especially robotic and CNC machining since 2007. The studio is equipped with the latest devices and know-how. Discuss possibilities and price estimates with the studio head, Tomáš Medek.

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  • Laser Engraving Equipment

    Discuss the possibilities and cost estimates directly with the person in charge, David Holubec.

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  • Printing Services

    The faculty's Bookbinding Workshop, led by Karel Bařina, is equipped with the know-how and devices needed to implement artistic projects in graphics and book creation (graphic design, finalising print data, printing, bookbinding). The workshop has equipment for large format printing, digital printing (inc. Riso), and finishing equipment for binding publications. You can print and then bind V1 and V2 bindings at the workshop, or hand-bind V4 and V8 bindings. Discuss the possibilities and cost estimates directly with the workshop head.

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  • Wood and Metal Workshop 

    Projects can be carried out in the Wood and Metal Workshop by arrangement with the workshop manager, Pavel Dvořák, typically for architectural exhibitions and the like. Please discuss project feasibility and price estimates directly with workshop supervisor.

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  • Sound Studio Rental

    The sound studio, managed by the Department of Audiovisual Technology, consists of two soundproof rooms: sound control and recording studio. Both rooms have undergone professional adaptations. The recording studio is designed for recording sound for small music ensembles of up to 8 players, capturing individual acoustic instruments and small groups, creating samples, and recording electroacoustic and electronic music. The sound control rooms have been modified to meet professional standards for spatial acoustics and allow sound post-production, mixing, and mastering at a high level. Discuss project feasibility and pricing with the head of the sound studio, Jiří Suchánek.

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  • Video Studio Rental

    The video studio, covering an area of 75 m² (ceiling height 380 cm), is a faculty-wide facility managed by the Audiovisual Technology Department. It's equipped with modern LED lighting, Visatec flash devices, and other accessories. The studio offers complete blackout with black velvet and is also equipped with various coloured chroma key and photographic backgrounds. The studio also features HD-SDI cable connections to a soundproof control room. In addition to supporting the audiovisual projects of students and faculty members, the studio can be rented, including the high-resolution JVC and BlackMagic camera chains. Discuss project feasibility and pricing with the head of the video studio, Tomáš Hrůza.

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  • Transcription Services

    A specialised room managed by the Department of Audiovisual Technology, enabling digitisation from historical visual and sound recordings, used by both faculty students and teachers as well as non-profit public institutions. Discuss project feasibility and pricing with the head of the department, Filip Cenek.

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  • Short-term A/V Equipment Rentals

    The faculty offers short-term A/V equipment loans (both production and presentation) to affiliated cultural institutions and entities. More information available with the head of the Department of Audiovisual Technology.


  • Student Artwork Loans

    The faculty offers the opportunity to borrow the artistic works of its students for other BUT and public spaces. Through this, we aim to contribute to the beautification and cultivation of both working and representative spaces of the university and to enhance the working environment for our colleagues. For our students, these loans offer an opportunity to showcase their work and gain practical experience. More here.


Responsibility: Ing. Martina Pěnčíková