Vice-Dean for Infrastructure

  • Area of responsibility: coordination of faculty steps towards the planned reconstruction of the Údolní 53 campus; maintaining the current state of building passports used by the faculty; coordination of space usage in faculty buildings and ensuring their functionality (in cooperation with the Faculty Bursar and the Údolní 53 campus management); improving spatial and material conditions for the operation of all faculty workplaces; coordination and analytical support for the preparation of the faculty strategy (in cooperation with other Vice-Deans); communication and dissemination of information in the area of one's responsibility. Methodically manages the activities of the FFA Dislocation Committee and coordinates the cooperation of the faculty with the Investment and Assets Department and the Technical Operation Department of the Brno University of Technology.
  • doc. Mgr. Tomáš Medek

    doc. Mgr.


    room 118/U5, +420 731 408 235

    +420 54114 6811


    P-Card     Dislocation Committee

  • Vice-Deans, in collaboration with the university management, the Dean, the Faculty Bursar, and responsible faculty staff, mainly ensure the following areas: compliance with legal regulations related to higher education institutions (especially laws no. 111/1998 Coll. and no. 130/2002 Coll.) and relevant government decrees and resolutions and internal regulations and norms of the university and faculty; evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the faculty's internal regulations and norms, processing and submitting proposals for their amendments; fulfilling the strategic intent of the faculty and, within their area of responsibility, preparing proposals for its update; fulfilling decisions, directives and instructions of the Dean (and their control within their scope); active participation in the Dean's advisory bodies; creation and management of advisory committees within their jurisdiction; organizational and content securing of academic ceremonies; creation of materials for the faculty's presentation materials in connection with their office.