Sculpture Studio 2


Sculpture – Space – Installation* represent the basic principles of understanding creative processes in the Sculpture Studio 2 at the FFA. This is already a traditional approach of doing art in spaces which are not burdened, unlike galleries, by their special function. Working with such kind of topography makes the students themselves confront the reality of this world and each must find adequate answers through her or his own possibilities and capacities as a student, an individual, a personality. The studio strives to create the best conditions for this search by overcoming material and financial limits through sponsorship and thus setting higher targets for students’ creative engagement.
*Contemporary sculpture does not have to be understood in the traditional sense. Sculpture can be looked upon as space, space within space, a site/situation/moment-specific installation; it can also be a particular place.


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Practice Tutors
Prof. akad. soch. Jan Ambrůz 
Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Pavel Korbička

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Responsibility: prof. akad. soch. Jan Ambrůz