Painting Studio 3


The Painting Studio 3 is of an intermedia nature, emphasizing painterly means of color, line, surface, rhythm, process or format. Parallel to this line of thinking, students are encouraged to form their own individual programs in which they can move along the borders of painting. They can use non-painterly media such as photography, sculpture, installation, or design. They learn to master these media, become sensitive towards the qualities of classical painting, and rationally reflect and interpret their own artistic enterprise. They reach towards an individual expression by understanding their individual sensual experiences, reaching emotional harmony, and experiencing transcendence. The studio puts emphasis on seeking individual approaches both through fascination, passion, and intuition, and by reflection, analysis, and construction..


Study Programme
Fine Arts
Studio Head
Prof. MgA. Petr Kvíčala 
Studio Assistant
MgA. Břetislav Malý

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Responsibility: prof. MgA. Petr Kvíčala